2 Days and 2 Thoughts

It’s Monday morning here in Perth as I reflect over the last 2 days of our adventure Down Under.

On Saturday, Shannon and I jumped on a bus to head from Canning Vale (where we are staying) to Fremantle for the day.  The goal was to pray, visit, seek, find, enjoy, listen and gather.  It was a great day filled with many sights and insights.  Fremantle is full of opportunities.   Continue Reading

Coming into Focus

This morning is Shannon’s birthday (great way to celebrate) and we have spent 3 full days in Australia.  Jet lag has not been as big of a deal as we had thought (thanks to a faithful friend and partner for the hook up of stopjetlag.com) but I do feel that we are just now having things come into focus. Continue Reading

On the First Day of Summer

After an epic journey we are waking up this morning on the other side of the world (although it feels like I shouldn’t call it that if we are moving here).  The travel was great.  Just a few moments of turbulence but nothing to stress inducing.  Shay was an awesome traveler for someone that was nervous about flying this far.  She did great (probably because she sleep most of the 16 hour flight).  wish I could say the same.  I sleep about 5 hours on the flight.  Continue Reading