About Us

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The Sydney Morning Herald asked its readers “Would the world be better off without religion?” 81% responded, “Yes.” Perth is one of the most culturally diverse areas in Australia. One can find people from all over the world and in every socio-economic level. The vast majority do not believe in God and His great love for them. It is also the cultural heart of Western Australia where the best artists, writers, musicians, and culture makers reside.

The Hinkle family is part of a team planting a church that will serve the people of Perth with transparent gospel-centered community, a love for expressions of beauty and the Creator of all beauty, authentic Christ honoring worship, and life-on-life discipleship. This plant will also serve as a catalyst and training ground for both national and missionary church planters to Australia and beyond.

Lee’s relational style and Shannon’s creative spirit have informed their 20 years of ministry. The last 10 have been spent at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis where they worked to help integrate a broken and bold proclamation of the Gospel in an urban and artistic setting.

Braden (12-10-1996), Madison (3-3-2001), Reagan (9-20-2004), Georgia (7-25-2007), Rose (5-20-2011)

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