The Future

As the new year begins we will see many new opportunities for sharing our lives and the gospel as well.  Please pray that we will be the aroma of life to many.

Here are some things that are upcoming:

  • The Linkstons (fellow MTW missionaries) will coordinate a mercy meal on Saturday nights out of the Village Fremantle Church.  We have many people from many gatherings joining us to make a go at this crucial ministry.
  • We will start a upper primary class before our worship gathering in February to go through the New City Catechism.  
  • We will begin a “Welcome to Church”class to help build a gathering of folks knowing who we are and committed to the vision for Fremantle and beyond.
  • In the early part of the year we will host a Friday Night Art exhibition to invite those in the City of Fremantle to experience God’s beauty.
  • We will launch a update to our church website.
  • Maddie and Braden continue with their higher education quest.
  • Reagan, Georgia and Rose will continue to homeschool and love their friends well.
  • Shannon will continue to engage with those God brings into her midst and work to establish an art practise that expresses her love for God and His love for al.
  • Lee will continue to lead the planting effort, shepherd those God has brought into His path, and serve the WPC well.
  • We will host Tom and Sandy Peck from Redeemer in March and hope to host many others as the year continues.