The Past 5 Months

As Shannon and I were driving around the states in May and June one thing that we knew for sure was that as much as Australia seems similar it is  different than where we are from.  This is not a bad thing or a good thing but helpful for us to recognizes as we prepared to return to Fremantle.  This helped with our adjustment back and made it much smoother than when we first arrived.  We were very blessed with our time in the states from our supporting churches, friends and family.  It was great to be stateside and it confirmed our call to Fremantle and Australia.  Here are some highlights from the past 5 months

  1. When we returned many of the friendship we had just begun to see begin picked up right where we left off and increased in their significance in our lives.  We are so thankful for God’s provision and His continued work
  2. Braden began his first semester in Uni.  He is attending Curtin University for a degree in Fine Arts
  3. Maddie enrolled and completed a Certification III for Adult General Education.  This is like High School Graduation as it allows her to enroll in other TAFE (read Community College) course to prepare for a career or to transfer to Uni.  Her current desire is to work in Health Care.
  4. The Homeschool community Gymnastics class that Shannon helped start before we left for the states has continued to grow providing more opportunities for families to meet one another in community and experience our building in a unique way.
  5. The congregation that we  joined with (to help reestablish them as we plant in Fremantle) celebrate 125 years of worship and service in the Fremantle area.  It was great to have a lunch with many former members attending.
  6. Lee attended MTW Global LEAD in Athens in September where leaders from all parts of MTW gather together to worship and be encouraged on the vision and strategic goals of MTW.  It was an honor to be a part of this event and Lee was encouraged with the direction and vision of MTW.
  7. Lee attended The National Assembly for the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Australia in October.  This confirmed that the WPC is growing and maturing and our pleasure to be part of this Church.
  8. God continues to build the Fremantle Village Church by adding people who are regular or interested attendees.  There is a sense of expectation that has grown for what God is doing.  
  9. The visit of Gabe Streett and Ryan McMullen on a gap year was enjoyable.  They both jumped in to serve at the church.  We love hosting folks so plan a trip today.
  10. God continues to support us and provides the strength we need when we feel down and missing our community in the States.  We do still get down and it does continue to shock us sometimes how hard it can be to be here, but God’s love for us even then prevails.