The Present

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We pray that you and yours have a great time and you rest in the mercy, grace and truth of the Triune God.

Advent at the Village Fremantle Church means churchfreo joining with us for a combined worship gathering.  We have been looking at Immanuel, God with us.  How the Triune God exist with us in faithfulness, hope, joy and love.  Our Christmas day service (a tradition in Australia) will be joint service with Freedom City Church, churchfreo and us.  We are excited to have Christians that practice other expressions of gathering  join together to proclaim the unity of the Body of Christ.   


We advertised for the first time so we will see if anyone new joins us during the Christmas season.

49 Village Church 10×2

Lee’s parents are in Fremantle for Christmas this year.  They arrived on Braden’s 21st birthday (December 10th) and will head home on the January 15th.  It is great to have them here this year and to enjoy the beginning of Summer with them. (yes, summer).