If we went any further we would be on our way home

In about 24 hours Shannon and I will be boarding a plan for a 16 1/2 hour plane ride from Dallas to Brisbane, Australia. Then after a short layover we will fly another 5 1/2 hours to Perth. Everything is almost packed and ready. All the children are in our room watching The Sound of Music and preparing to have a sleepover in our room before we head out for two weeks. 

Perth is exactly 13 hours ahead of Indianapolis.  It is half way around the world.  It is as far as you can go from Indianapolis without starting to come back.

It seems crazy or a work of God that just 8 months ago Australia was not even on our mind but know we are going to confirm the call that we increasingly feel is exactly what God is calling us to and has been preparing us for.

We do not know all that we will be doing over the next two weeks but we hope that you will pray for us that God will reveal all that He has planned. We ask that you will pray for our children and the folks that are watching them as we are away. We ask that you pray for the people in Australia that are already doing God’s work whom we will be working with to plant churches that plant churches.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

2 thoughts on “If we went any further we would be on our way home

  1. Can’t wait to

  2. Lee and Shannon, you are in our heart and prayers. Such a beautiful picture of you together and watching sound of music and sleepover before you launch out. Amazing for me to see how God is calling you to the very furthest place from Indianapolis as you have opened your heart to His call. My prayer for you is this: establish the work of their hand Lord, yes, establish the work of their hand.

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