Coming into Focus

This morning is Shannon’s birthday (great way to celebrate) and we have spent 3 full days in Australia.  Jet lag has not been as big of a deal as we had thought (thanks to a faithful friend and partner for the hook up of but I do feel that we are just now having things come into focus.

Perth (and Fremantle in particular) are beautiful but not overwhelmingly so.  I am seeing the bluest skies I have every seen in my life but also hearing the hopelessness pour out of people as we rode the bus around Fremantle.  It is beautiful but not easy.

The last two days have been full of learning and new experiences.  Shay and I hung out in Fremantle for a few hours by ourselves to discover they lay of the land.  It is not like anything where we have lived but it fells like home.  We feel comfortable here and our hearts continues to grow for the people here.  For the faithful who have been working in the fields for a long time and those who need the Gospel planted within them.

We found some great places to hang out and watch people.  We look forward to going back the Saturday to strike up conversations with those around us.  Pray that God will be setting His divine appointments for this Saturday.

We also spent time with the Baileys and talked about what it is like to transition from the States to Australia.  It was a great time of “honest talk” about the ups and downs of what happens in such an epic move.  They are doing great work as they help re-plant a church in the Canning Vale area of Perth.

Shay experienced a shopping center with B yesterday and found a great tea shop that is really amazing.  She said the experience was crazy and exciting.  I attended the Church Planting Council of the Westminster Presbytarian Church with Steve to introduce myself and get to know them.  They are a great group of guys who I am excited about joining in this Kingdom work.

Last night was a sweet reunion with Del and Laura and their young daughter.  They stayed with us in Indy for a week-end while they were on holiday.  We really felt a connection with them and God used their visit as a confirmation to continue to pursue this call.  Last night we where able to pick up where we left off in the states.  Big hugs and deep conversation about all the God is doing.  It was great.  We hope to hang out with them a few more times before we head back to the States.

Still trying to figure out how to get some pictures on here so if someone wants to send me a quick tutorial that would be great.

Keep praying for our kiddos, they are doing great!  God is so awesome in how He provides.

Keep praying for God’s confirmation and for His way.

Side Note #1: have only seen one mini van since we arrived.

Side Note #2: you still hear birds in the morning as you wake up but they sound a lot different from our birds in Indy.



One thought on “Coming into Focus

  1. May Our Lord make his call clear, and make you for His call.

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