The In-Between

I have had a few reminders of Oz the last few days.  On Saturday night it was warm enough in Indy for me to wear shorts, so a pulled a pair out of the draw.  I had washed them and lined dried them in Perth during our vision trip and put them in the drawer when we arrived home.  They smelled like Oz.  I had a rush of memories and thoughts and prayers for the people there that we can’t wait to get back too.  Of course it was a little awkward when my wife came in the room to find me sniffing my shorts.

Today I pulled out a customer loyalty card for a place in South Freo called Run Amuk (hot dogs unleashed).  I love hot dogs and these were great when we were there.  We grabbed them after a awesome time with the folks at Church Freo.  Shay and I spent another evening with some of them the following Sunday before we headed home.  They are great people and truly walking boldly in the Grace and Beauty of God.

Also today I found this great new children’s song from Danny Weinkauf who plays bass for They Might Be Giants.  He says he was inspired to write this song for his children’s album after meeting the quokkas on Rottnest Island just of the coast of Perth.  It’s a great song.

All this to say,  We love Indianapolis and our community here.  We also love Perth, Freo and the people there.  We are on our way but not there yet.  We are enjoying our time here with all its ups and downs; joys and sorrows; celebrations and trials but we also can’t wait to get to Perth and God’s kingdom there.

Does that sound familiar?


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