Marsupial of the Day!

Join our Team and be a


Kangaroo= $50 a month

Five Fun Facts about Kangaroos from the Middles (Reagan and Georgia)

  1. Kangaroos like to sleep on their backs.
  2. Joeys (baby kangaroos) when scared will dive head first into their mothers pouch.
  3. Kangaroos are the size of a jelly bean when they are born.
  4. Kangaroos can’t go backwards.
  5. Kangaroos can swim!

Below are links to our secure donation site or our pledge card if you are ready to join the team and become a Kangaroo. If so, please let us know that you are joining by e-mailing me at so we can add you to the team and get closer to 100% of our budget.

Pledge Card      Secure Donation Site

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