A Place to Lay our Heads (God Provides)

As we continue to get closer to our day of departure for Perth we are starting to lay out logistics.  One of the things that we have discovered is that many places in Perth that are for rent require us to pick up an application in person.  This is understandable but makes international searching quite difficult.  This with the knowledge it will take the items we are shipping to our new home will take on average 80 days to arrive led to the question, “What do we do when we get there?”


We have had good luck with AirBNB in the past but was not sure if there would be places that would be willing to book for a family of 7 for over a month.  But we went on and began to search.  There were places that came up that were close to where we wanted to be but were way out of our budget.  There were places that were in our budget but far beyond the area (45 minute drive) we would be looking for a house.  Then there was the first place that came up in our search.  It was in our budget and almost exactly where we would  want to find a house.  It seemed pretty great, but we really don’t know when we will arrive yet so to pick an arrival date and book something is hard to do.  I decided to read about the host.  Turns out she is a wife and mum of three children.  She loves people and their stories and according to her profile she is a Christian.  I have done a lot of AirBNB search and have never seen anyone state this.  I messaged her directly to let her know about our family of 7 moving to Fremantle to start and church and how great her place looked, but that we were still sorting things out for arrival.  She said she would hold it for a few days to see what we could figure out.  That is amazing.  As May 1st was fast approaching and in the meantime other people had inquired about the property I had to let the host know that we could not make a decision yet because our arrival was not firmly established (visas and being fully funded; which you can help us by hitting the partner with us tab at the top of the page).  I told her that when we do arrive we would need to get our families together.  She wrote us back and let me know that she would continue to hold it for us until we were able to get things sorted.  This is a grace from God.  He is going before us preparing a place for us even when we don’t know we will arrive.  It again confirms that God is calling us to Perth.

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