Training: week one

Week one of CCMI is über our belt and we are starting to get acclimated to life in one room together and sharing a great retreat center (they call it a guest house) with about 50 other people ( half of which might be under 13). Last week we spent time getting ready to explore and discover a new culture. This is done through observation and by talking with people. We have hung out in pubs, parks, and churches trying to discovery what the people around Brussels and Zaventem hope for, live for and long for.
This week we have really been investigating our own hearts and what the church is called to be as God’s ambassadors. It is challenging and causing us to seek deep in to scripture and pray to allow God to reveal to us His plan for the church in Oz.
We have also taken trips into downtown Brussels and the close town of Lueven.
Today we felt the last week of travel and getting starts kick in. It was hard at times to stay focused in training. Please keep this as a pray for us as we continue for the next 3 weeks.
Below is a picture of the girls riding
scooters through the streets of Zav.


There are many great things about being here but one of the best is watching the World Cup with folks who really care about soccer in the pubs.
Thanks for all your prayers

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