Easter on the Road

I am stalking Redeemer In Indianapolis this Easter morning on Instagram and Facebook trolling for pictures of the sanctuary.  It is hard to be away from this place, this centering force in our lives during Easter.  There is always something special and exciting taking place to remind and point us, all of who we are, toward the joyous miracle and power of Christ resurrection.  Credit Redeemer’s facebook page for the photo.   

 It has been gray and dark during Lent but today it is alive and free.  How exciting.  How it draws us into our place in God’s magnificent story.  He has  taken us from darkness into His light, into the kingdom of His beloved Son (Colossians 1:13-14).

It is also good to be away from this place.  It is preparing our hearts for the days ahead, when we will be with a new community (which is still part of this community) in Perth.  We are looking forward to see how God draws all the creative energy and beauty that is within His children in Perth to depict and celebrate the Resurrection.  We are excited about Easter brunch with this new (yet old) community.  This family that God is building and will weave together in a tapestry of His love.  But Easter at Redeemer Indianapolis is special and will always be missed.

We are glad to be in Seattle at Green Lake this morning.  This placed helped form the Partains and Dorseys.  Two families that have been instrumental in God’s plan for our family.  Sarah Partain said to us that if she couldn’t be at Reseemer she would want to be here.  

I feel the same except if I can’t be in Perth celebrating Easter than I am glad to be at a Church that God has worked in to make the power of the Resurrection  real in our lives. 

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