The Day After

Doesn’t the day after a big event seem anti-climatic.  You just lived through or witnessed an amazing event and the next day is back to the old hum drum of life.  

Not much is said about the day after the resurrection of Jesus and His appearances in the Gospels.  Matthew lets us know that He wanted to meet the brothers (disciples) in Galilee by meeting Mary and Mary Magdalene on the road after they had seen the empty tomb.  We get insight to a conspiracy and then the eleven go to Galilee to worship Jesus and be given the great commission. (Matthew 28)

Luke lets us know that when the ladies reported the empty tomb Peter jumped up and ran to the empty tomb and was amazed.  Jesus then walked along with two men for a while and shared dinner with them and at that moment they saw who He truly was and He vanished.  They ran to be with the eleven and Jesus showed up there to open their minds to the Scripture, remove their doubts and give them a charge before ascending.  In Acts we know that Jesus appeared to them for 40 days.

Mark, depending on what manuscripts you trust, ends rather abruptly with the women going back towards the disciples with the command to have them meet Jesus in Galilee  with fear, trembling and amazement.  (Mark 16)  or it ends with a section of scripture that you rarely hear preached from were the disciples do not believe the account of Mary or two men.  Then Jesus appears to the disciples and rebukes their hard hearts and unbelief before giving a commission to them.

John provides us with a little more with Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene, then  to 10 of the disciples because Thomas was not there.  Eight days later Jesus shows up for Thomas (and for us).  Then John tells us that after Jesus had revealed Himself to them some time later Peter decided to go fishing and Jesus appears again and restores Peter.  (John 20-21) 

No real word about the day after but in John we see at some point Peter was needing some stability or was bored or hungry or decided to return to his old occupation as a fisherman.  For whatever reason he fishes with his friends, something he had done a lot of in his life and Jesus meets him there.  

Yesterday may have been a high point in your walk with God, in this journey He has prepared for you.  Easter can do that.  But remember when you are feeling like it is the everyday, that nothing has changed, Jesus is there as well.  He is there to show you, just like He did Peter that everything has changed.  Jesus said, “I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20

So everyday, in all that we do, He is Emmanuel, God with us. He pursues us even when our lives come down so far that we return to our former safe place.  He prepares us a feast and brings us back to His side.

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